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You are listening to Mr. Delorenzo's Original hit song "They All Remind Me of You"  the theme song for the Motion Picture "The Mentor"       

The Stars of "The Mentor"








Mr. Joe Franklin

Starring As













 Miss Lisa Landino

Starring As

The Leading Lady Jen







Mr. Pete DeLorenzo

Screenwriter and Executive Producer

Starring As

Himself (aka Ken Peters)



           Noah Marcus 
(Principle/Supporting Role as the young Pete DeLorenzo in "The Mentor")
Mr. DeLorenzo had searched high and low to cast the right child for this role in portraying himself when he was a young boy at the age of 6 years old.  Mr. DeLorenzo had auditioned virtually hundreds of young lads and finally discovered Noah Marcus that was submitted through one of Mr. DeLorenzo's main Casting Agents, Stanley Kaplan Talent Agency in NYC. 
 Mr. DeLorenzo met Noah and his parents Steve and Jill at the Agency and he and Noah bonded automatically.  This young boy is incredibly talented with a personality that will certainly capture the audience and fill them with warmth.  With a little coaching that Mr. DeLorenzo gave him Noah Marcus grabbed the role like no one else could portray.
 Noah appeared in the Motion Picture "Blood Money" and played the role of Little Frankie, he also appeared on Comedy Central on the Dave Chappelle Show and has performed in numerous Musicals and Plays, he portrayed the Lead Role as Oliver and Pinocchio just to name a few.
 DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions is proud to welcome Noah Marcus as a New and Shining Star to the Big Silver Screen in the Motion Picture "The Mentor".
Congratulations Noah, we are very proud of you!


Mr. Joe Franklin 

(Starring as Himself)


A “LIVING LEGEND” and an “ICON” in the Entertainment Industry and Mr. DeLorenzo’s “MENTOR”  In Real Life

 Mr. Joe Franklin originated the very first format of what is known today as the “T.V. Talk Show”, after which a History of every Major TV Show followed thereafter. 

He is in the Guinness world book of records for interviewing and hosting the most guests to date in the history of television and radio. He has been donned with the title "The King of Memorabilia" and he was instrumental in launching the careers of Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Eddie Cantor, Johnny Carson and many, many more names in showbiz. He interviewed five United States presidents and was the first to televise Elvis Presley even before he appeared on Ed Sullivan.

 Mr. Joe Franklin ALWAYS WILL BE KNOWN FOR taking Countless Unknown Struggling Artists and Aspiring Artists that have the vision, professionalism and talent to become CELEBRITIES and WORLD RENOWNED STARS.


May we give all Honor and Glory To GOD Almighty who ORCHESTRATED ALL OF THIS AND MADE IT BECOME A REALITY.  For amlost forty years of tenacity, zealousness, sacrifice and hard work which is the basis of Mr. DeLorenzo’s film “The Mentor”, we again give all thanks to GOD, Mr. Joe Franklin and In Loving Memory of Mr. Gene Cougan who served as Mr DeLorenzo's publicist for completing and bringing to Fruition at the HIGHLIGHT and PINNACLE of Mr. DeLorenzo’s Career, A Long Awaited Dream Come True and in Making Mr. DeLorenzo’s Name PARAMOUNT In The Entertainment Industry.






              Miss Lisa Landino

(Starring as The Leading Lady Jen in "The Mentor")

 Miss Lisa Landino is a very beautiful, extremely talented and accomplished actress based out of New York City, NY.  She has worked both in theatre and on screen as well as in-print work and T.V. commercials.  Her most recent commercial that aired was for Apple Bee's.  Virtually hundreds of Ladies read and tried out for the role of Jen, the Leading Lady in Mr. DeLorenzo's motion picture, "The Mentor".  Miss Lisa Landino absolutely captured the role and her heart and her personality in real life will be a major asset to the character that she will portray on the big screen.  Mr. DeLorenzo is proud and honored to announce and introduce Miss Lisa Landino to the big screen for the world to see and make her the STAR she deserves to be.


          Kimberly Hopkins

(Co-Starring as Maria in "The Mentor")

 Mr. DeLorenzo is proud to announce on behalf of DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions that after long extreme careful examination of all actresses that have auditioned, it was extremely hard in making a final decisions in casting.  All those that have read for this part and for that matter any part have been cast with very careful consideration. I am overwhelmed with the amount of talent that has come through my office for casting.  I have seen a tremendous amount of talent. I am proud to announce that Miss Kimberly Hopkins has been cast for the SUPPORTING ROLE of the Ex-Wife Maria in "The Mentor". Congratulations to all of the cast, for you are all my stars. Respectfully Yours Pete DeLorenzo.


Don K. Reed ( From CBS FM )
Larry Chance and The Earls
Charlie Gracie ( Rock and Role Hall of Fame )
Vito Balsamo
Cleveland Still and The Dubs
BJ Jones
Earl Lewis and The Channels
Lou Ragland and The Legendary Ink Spots
Ron Richardson (of The Coasters )
The Emotions
The Paragons
Joey and The Paradons
The Clickettes
The Bobbettes
Norman Fox and The Rob Roys
The Harptones
The Hi Fives
Sandy Renda
Steve Ames
Amazing Kreskin
Danny Musico ( Super Middleweight Champ )
Manny Yarborough ( Famous Suma Wrestler )
John Fiore (of Sopranos )
Vinny DeVingo
Bobby Tullock (Hosted the Famous "Rick Turner Show" and Starred on "Real Housewives of New Jersey")

Also Starring


 "Larry Chance and The Earls"



Another legendary group that will be appearing in "The Mentor". Performing their hit "Remember Then".


       "Joey and The Paradons"

 Featuring Vito Balsamo

Just one of the Legendary Groups that will be appearing in " The Mentor " performing their Hits " Diamonds and Pearls" and " I Ran All The Way Home ".




Craig Delorenzo

Away from Nepotism Craig is Mr.DeLorenzo's 2nd Cousin and is an extremly focused and talented aspiring actor commited to his craft as an actor. Craig has been cast in a principle role in the Film

Mr.DeLorenzo's Staff and Crew of "The Mentor"

 Mr. DeLorenzo is extremly honored and proud to have Mr. Harry Hirsch and "ICON" in the music industry as his musical supervisor for the soundtrack of the Motion Picture "The Mentor" as well as all of Mr.DeLorenzo's musical endeavors including his new upcoming album


   (Mr. DeLorenzo's Musical Supervisor)

 Harry Hirsch has pioneered the recording industry’s technological evolution since the beginning of his career. A successful musician with a natural ability to understand and master new technology Hirsch was enamored with the studio world. After establishing himself as a Recording Engineer & Mastering Engineer, he went on to design, build and administer many World Class Studios in New York City.

 Under Hirsch’s guidance MediaSound (Founder & Past President), SoundMixers (Founder & Past President), GRP Records (Building Coordinator,Studios & Conference Room) & SoundTrack/NY (Building Coordinator, ( three studios) have hosted sessions for such World Class artists as Frank Sinatra,, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Pink Floyd, The Who, Billie Joel, The Bee Gees, David Bowie, Hall & Oates, Ella Fitzgerald, The Grateful Dead, John Lennon, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, & Diana Ross.

 One of the earliest proponents of digital technology, Harry Hirsch was the Re-Issue Producer of twenty Duke Ellington Albums. The first ten were for Little Major Records called “The Private Collection”. He later collaborated with Mercer Ellington for ten more.

 1981 brought Harry to the field of Education. He joined Center for the Media Arts, a Technical Trade School in NYC. He created the Curriculum and was appointed Dean of the Audio Arts Program. This unique school was one of the first to provide individual work stations for Music Recording, Mixing, Editing & Equipment Maintenance. That year Hirsch was appointed Adjunct Professor at NYU, lecturing for the Music Technology Program.

 In 1994 Hirsch expanded his area of expertise to encompass the world of Electronic Media. He created Digi-Rom, Inc. offering one-stop full production services and replication for Audio CD, CD Rom, DVD, & Vinyl. Digi-ROM was sold in 2004.

 In 2007 Hirsch Edited (using Final Cut Pro) 100 video interviews of the most famous people in the Professional Audio Industry for The Audio Engineering Society. Called, “ The Oral History Project” he donated 100 master DVD’s to be sold in their store.

 Harry Hirsch has served The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammy’s) as First Vice President (NY Chapter) twice. National Trustee twice. He is a founding member of SPARS. He was appointed Chairman of the Historical Events Committee for the 2005,  2007 & 2009 Audio Engineering Society Convention at the NYC Javits Center. He is frequently invited to lecture revisiting  his life’s experiences called  “MY STORY” Inside the Recording Industry with Harry Hirsch at Universities & Colleges, Government  Agencies & Musical Organizations.




                Shyam Vai

(Mr. DeLorenzo's Musical Composer for the score music of "The Mentor")

Mr.Shyam Vai has composed the musical score for many well known movies such as "Chath(a roof without walls)","Circus Circus", "The Fly","Rosebush","Are We Predestined" and many many more.

Mr. DeLorenzo is extremly honored to have the incredible talent of Mr. Shyam Vai as his musical composer for all score music of the Motion Picture "The Mentor"






"Pete DeLorenzo’s excellent screenplay “The Mentor” is a welcome change from the meaningless violence and effects driven movies, which clutter the current cinema landscape.   It speaks to all of us, including the somewhat cynical “Y Generation” in words and images, which have immediate recognition as ringing true.  It has the power, not just to entertain, but also to motivate.  Audiences will feel, not only is it well written and entertaining but it motivated them to think more deeply and perhaps actually to change their world for the better.

I’m really looking forward to directing this wonderful script."

 ~Bill Milling (Director)



(Mr. DeLorenzo's Director of the Motion Picture "The Mentor")


CEO of The American Movie Company, Emmy Award® winning producer of the NBC series “Unicorn Tales” (winner of 18 Emmy Awards, and the prestigious Action For Children’s Television Award®).  Bill is the writer/director of over twenty feature films and former professor of Film & TV at the Tisch School of Arts, New York University.

He has directed a host of star performers including James Earl Jones, Raven Simone, Charlton Heston, et al.

He was the New York production executive/production supervisor on a host of major motion pictures including "Lucky Number Slevin", "Third Miracle", "Senseless", "54", and "The Late Shift".

Bill produced content for virtually every major TV series including "30 Rock", "Gossip Girl", "CSI NY", "Dexter", "The West Wing", "Mad About You", "Friends", "Will & Grace", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Conviction", "The X Files", "How I Met Your Mother", "Smallville", and "Without A Trace".

Bill is a former president of Sigmax, inc. a Japanese/American film and TV production company.

Bill has undergraduate degrees in English, philosophy and classical languages, an MA in English Literature, and MA and PhD ABD in Cinema Studies from NYU Tisch.  He taught Film Production and feature screen writing at the NYU School of Film & Television.

Mr. DeLorenzo met Mr. Bill Milling under his direction on the set of the movie "Body Trouble" in 1992. Mr. DeLorenzo is honored and proud to have Mr. Bill Milling as his director on the Motion Picture "The Mentor"




       Irina Chernikina

  (Mr.DeLorenzo's Production Manager)


 Mr. DeLorenzo's Production Manager of the Motion Picture "The Mentor"

Producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor, web designer as well as the founder of Circulus Initium Inc.
She was born in the communistic Soviet Union, grew up in the newly independent Russia, and finally came to the U.S. to follow her dream of becoming a filmmaker.
After earning a B.A. in Cinema Studies, she jumped into action working on such projects as: "Circulus Initium" & “Trilogy of Being” (writer/director/producer/editor), “Digitz” & “Professor K Show"” (producer), "Rose" (director), “Shut Up!” & “David’s Apartment” (editor), “The Fight is the Easy Part” & “Checkmate” (DP), CleanButt BidetSpa commercial which aired on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and VH1's "Best Week Ever" (production manager). In March 2007, Irina co-produced third annual Sundays in the City March Movie Marathon, which screened many narrative & documentary films of all genres. She is currently in preproduction for a feature film to be shot in 2008.




              Tom Bracone


      (DP  Director of Photography)

"Immediatley after completing my studies in 1980 from a very prestigious
NYC film school.I began what I never thought would be a very illustrious
career in the commercial film industry.
My first job working as a production manager for one of the few bicoastal
commercial production companies, Sunlight Pictures Corp.
brought me in contact with some of the most notable Directors in the
industry. Melvin Sokolsky, a principal in the company was considered one
of the top five commercial directors at the time. The roster also included
Alex Fernbach,Jerry Shore and the first American representation of Ridley
Scott and Tony Scott. All of whom proved to be huge influences in my life
and my work.
After four years and a strong mentorship with Tabletop Director Alex
Fernbach, I set out into the freelance world where I immediatley found
myself assisting two of the industries most prominent Tabletop Directors,
Elbert Budin and Santiago Suarez of Ampersand Productions. This began
a three year stint and a very deepley rooted love of the Tabletop genre.
With a strong desire and the discipline to do this type of work,a reputation
began to flourish along with steady work from the likes of Michael
Somoroff, Greg Ramsey,Phil Marco,Alex Fernbach,Michael Schrom and
Irv Blitz. With my experience,dedication and time spent working with these
Directors as both Camera Assistant and Camera Operator I’m sure you’ll
agree that my vision and approach to this type of work is evident in the
spots on my current reel."

 Tom Bracone was highly recommended to Mr. Pete DeLorenzo by Cinema-Vision,Inc. in NYC for the Film Project "The Mentor". Mr. DeLorenzo contacted Tom, met with him and immediately knew Tom was the man for the job because of his expertese, credentials and sharp focus. Mr. DeLorenzo attached Mr. Tom Bracone to his Crew of experts and is proud to have him on board.





"The Mentor" is a well crafted script. Its storyline flows along in a very uplifting and passionate fashion. Audiences will relate to the core message, that is, with heartfelt mentoring and hard work you can make your dream become a reality. As the story unfolds you see real people, in real life, dealing with real life problems, walking the walk, most importantly staying the course. Viewers will completely understand how difficult the road to success is. Peter DeLorenzo writes with a deep understanding of human nature.  Peter's people are real, simply because he builds them from inside their hearts and minds. The viewer will see DeLorenzo's people and say "They are just like me." "The Mentor" is a feel good film, some will say "For me its an inspirational film and begs to be up on the big screen." "The Mentor" has legs."

~Robert Jubin (Line Producer  Supervising Editor)


               Robert Jubin


 (Mr.DeLoernzo's Line Producer and Film Consultant for "The Mentor".)

Firebrand Productions                                         November 2001 -2008

44 West 74th Street, New York


·       Core business:

·       Provided production and post-production services for our clients

·       Duties and responsibilities at Firebrand:

·       Supervising Editor:  Running two Avid Suites.  Supervised editing staff completing fifty videos and DVDs generating revenue of $2,225,000 for the Company.  Created a Video Library for the Teamsters consisting of over a thousand hours of historical footage.

·       Running day to day operations:  Sales, Public Relations, Client Management

·       Client roster:

·       International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union

·       Unite-Here [Hotel Workers] Union

·       1199 Care and Hospital Workers Union

·       S.E.I.U. Union

Burning Concepts                                    

May 1998 – 2001

373 Fifth Avenue, New York

Partner / President

·       Core business: film and video editing commercials for advertising agencies, public relations films for corporations

·        Created a five minute music video for Placido Domingo’s release of his music CD “My Latin Soul”

Robert Jubin Ltd.                                  

June 1970 – 1997

111 West 57th Street, New York

Owner / Film Editor

·       Core business: Film editing for advertising agencies, commercials for TV and feature films



The Andy Award of Excellence, presented by The Advertising Club of New York – 12 Clios for editing.




           Charlotte Haug   

 (Mr. DeLorenzo's Personal Public Relations Representative)

  Charlotte Haug resides in upstate New York and she is an extremely treasured member of Mr.DeLorenzo's cast of the Motion Picture "The Mentor" Mr. DeLorenzo cast her on the merits of her sharp focus, talent as an actress, outstanding personality and her uncanny resemblance to JoAnne Woodward (The Late Actor Paul Newman's Wife) Charlotte will play a principle role of a "look-a-like" for JoAnne Woodward in the Motion Picture "The Mentor" and she also serves as head of public relations on Mr. DeLorenzo's personal staff.



                Lynette Scire

 (Mr. DeLorenzo's Personal Public Representative)

     Lyntte Scire is one of Mr. DeLorenzo's key staff members handling his public relations and she also a very accomplished actress that will be in Mr. DeLorenzo's upcoming film "The Mentor". She also does an extreme amount of work with her love for animals with her organization The Ark Angels.

(845) 610-4062






    Sherman Burton as Paul Newman

   Sherman Burton as Willie Nelson


           Mr. Sherman Burton




 In loving memory of Mr. Sherman Burton who recently passed away and it is a great loss to everyone on the film project "The Mentor". Sherman was known for his fantastic impression of Willie Nelson and he had recorded his rendition of Pete DeLorenzo's original hit song "They All Remind Me of You" in the style of Willie Nelson which will be included in the film and on the soundtrack.




 EMC Custom Computers


-Mr. Erik Cuevas of EMC Custom Computers, LLC is the most professional Computer Tech and Web Designer you will ever find in the business.  His knowledge of computers, equipment, support tech and web design surpasses that of all others more than you could imagine.  He is thorough in his analysis, honest, always accomodating to all of his clients, his rates are very reasonably priced and he is completely dedicated to his craft which is very rare in the business world of today.
Mr. DeLorenzo conveyed to Erik a concept of what he wanted to do with his new website and Erik did a magnificent job in designing the site that has received rave reviews.  Just look at this complete site that you are on and you will see what we mean.  We, at DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions are proud and honored to have Erik Cuevas of EMC Custom Computers, LLC on board.  We highly recommend Erik for all your computer needs.
Fax: 856-692-6568



Leigh Ann Borrelli (center of photo) 

         Leigh Ann Borrelli

 (Mr. DeLorenzo's Key Makeup Artist)


Leigh Ann Borrelli is a Professional Published Celebrity Makeup Artist and a licensed Esthetician and Cosmetic Beauty Columnist. Leigh Ann is owner and operator of Face-to- Fase Facial Spa and Cosmetic Studio in Toms River New Jersey and she owns her own product line Vanity 101 Cosmetics and Skin Care. Mr. DeLorenzo is very proud to have Leigh Ann on board as his Key Makeup Artist which will be doing not only his makeup but that of all Major Stars on the film project "The Mentor".



             Cheri Rogowsky

(Mr. DeLorenzo's Personal Photographer) 


 Ms. Cheri Rogowsky is also one of Mr. Delorenzo's key photographers at all his shows and concerts and she will also be on his film project as one of his staff key photographers on set. She is a delightful and wonderful person and a professional in every sense of the word.





Michael Sabatelle and Lady Koi

(Mr.DeLorenzo's Personal Photographer and Michael's Assistant)


 Michael Sabatelle, born and raised in New York City, currently lives in Brooklyn,NY. He is a professional photographer who runs his own photography business, teaches and works freelance. Receiving both a  BFA ( 1973) in Art and a MFA (1975) in Photography. Michael studied photography under Paul Strand, Larry Fink and Walter Rosemblum. Since graduation Michael has been a full time photographer , photojournalist and since 1976 a Professor of Photography with the City University of New York.  

 Michael has earned recognition and respect in the photography field. His photographs  has been exhibited  in numerous galleries and Museums including the Queens Museum and Brooklyn Museum.  Michael  has  received numerous honors and awards in recent years  for his work by Kawanis International, City Council of New York,  New York State Assembly and New York State Senate.

Lady Koi born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  Currently lives in New York City. Before coming to NY she  lived in California and attended Orange County College in California. Koi is a lighting and digital technician.  Koi’s creative lighting skills and Michael’s photographic skills together produce unusual creative images on location. As digital technician she is involved in the  postproduction work for shoots. Including all digital and film processing,  retouching , printing,  archiving and keeping detailed references and records for all shoots.


                Mr. Art Koch

             (Fine Art Photographer)

 Before he became a full time photographer, Art was a corporate attorney, an officer of a Fortune 500 company in Washington, DC, and served as general counsel of a telecommunications company in New York City. 

 While practicing law, Art regularly attended art and photography classes at two prestigious art schools – The Maryland Institute: College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland and the Corcoran Gallery Art School in Washington, D.C.  Several years ago he decided to follow his artistic passion and utilize his unique skills with his camera full time.

 Although Art uniquely captures human emotions during weddings, celebrations and other events as well as candidly on the streets, his special talent is most evident in his black and white images of the human form; Art’s talent is to see and display the human form infused with the mystery and power the body displays. 

 Paging through Art’s portfolio images enable the viewer to share his artistic vision and see the splendor in both the mundane and extraordinary moments of everyday life. 

 To see samples of Art’s artistic images, visit his online portfolio at:  web.mac.com/artkoch/sodapopartphotography

Phone: (917) 417-0120

 Mr. Art Koch is a true professional that
has his own unique fresh and crisp style of photography which is clearly visible in his work.  Mr. DeLorenzo is proud to welcome
Mr. Art Koch as a Staff Photographer as well as a Still Photographer on the set of  "The Mentor".   



This photo is just a sample of Sam Bassett's incredible work of catching Pete in action on the set

             Sam Bassett

   (Mr.DeLorenzo's Personal Photographer)

 On May 2, 2004, Mr. DeLorenzo attended the New York Film Festival at the Village East, New York City for the screening of “The Search Of Mr. F.” a film of which Mr. DeLorenzo appeared in.  Along the way in the process, Mr. DeLorenzo bumped into a photographer by the name of Sam Bassett who approached Mr. DeLorenzo and claimed he liked Pete’s fashion statement, recognized who he was and wanted to shoot someone famous to build up his portfolio.  They both exchanged business cards and a few weeks later, Mr. Bassett contacted Mr. DeLorenzo and arranged to come out to Pete’s office and did a 6 hour pro-bono photo shoot, some 350 shots later that were absolutely phenomenal.  Mr. DeLorenzo proclaimed that in his almost 40 years of show business he had never seen photography work such as Mr. Bassett’s. 

 Every photo that was shot was one better than the other; all shots were done in high definition, 3 dimensional and with extreme luminosity.  Mr. Sam Bassett has magnificent control of light and what he does with his camera is equivalent to what George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, and Eric Clapton have done with a guitar. 

It is for this reason that Mr. DeLorenzo has not only highly recommended his people to Mr. Bassett for any of their photographic needs but has also appointed Mr. Sam Bassett as his Personal Photographer and his Head Staff Photographer for all stills for the duration of Mr. DeLorenzo’s Major Motion Picture and Film Project, “The Mentor”.

Mr. Sam Bassett, we salute you and applaud and are very proud to have you on board of this project and for all future endeavors.



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