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Krotz Springs, La, 70750 
Phone: 1-337-592 -0014
Krotz Springs, La, 70750
Phone: 1-337-592 -0014
Krotz Springs, La, 70750
Phone: 1-337-592 -0014
                                  DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions


131 Monroe Street 1st Floor

Garfield, New Jersey 07026

Office 973-574-9096

[email protected]gmail.com

Pete DeLorenzo

President of DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions

Internationally Recognized Comedian,Impressionist,Actor,Recording Artist, Screenwriter,Producer,Director,and Humanitarian


   Charlotte Haug

Head of Public Relations


     Lynn Scire

      Personal Assistant/Public Relations



       Irina Chernikina

       Production Manager



                                                       Angela R. Gonzalez 

                                                   Video Producer Manager 


                                                     [email protected]


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