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"Pete DeLorenzo"

has been honored in being named the 


Goodwill Ambassador Of The World for








Have Been Appointed As A Goodwill Ambassador Of The World along with Lovely Rosemarie J Ferrer for
"GLOBAL COOPERATION DAY 2014"! It was Founded and Originated by Liz Greenwell in the effort of WORLD PEACE that will
be on October 4th, 2014.




 This is a photo of Liz Greenwell that is the Founder and Originator of " GLOBAL COOPERATION DAY "  for WORLD PEACE





 This is Adam Greenwell Director & Co-Founder of "GLOBAL COOPERATION DAY" for WORLD PEACE from New Zealand


 Pete DeLorenzo...

  ..."It is a Complete HONOR for me to have the opportunity to participate and be part of this MONUMENTAL WORLDWIDE EVENT for " GLOBAL COOPERATION DAY 2014 " that was Founded and Originated by Liz Greenwell in the effort of WORLD PEACE that will be on October 4th, 2014   I am Honored to have been asked to Perform as well as to be a Special Guest Speaker of which my comments will be directed to the Efforts of World UNISON and World Peace and Love For All Mankind and to Jointly Pursue and Advocate on Worldwide Team Efforts of Ending World Hunger, Violence, Prejudice and Hatred and To Replace It with a Collaboration of Hearts and Minds Toward The Good Of ALL MANKIND !!!

 There will be Major Press and Media Covering the Event as well as a WORLDWIDE Broadcast . Many will being doing a LIVE DROP Video Message and Performance from wherever they are that will be Broadcast WORLDWIDE as well. There will be Delegates and Diplomats from All Over The World attending and I've also been asked as an Administrator to coordinate many of the MAJOR STARS that I've worked with and Major Aspiring Artists for this HUGE EVENT !!!

 I have contacted and have in the works such Artists as Magnificent, Beautiful and Talented Elena Nuzman from Germany of whom I recently had the Honor of working with in NYC, Beautiful and Talented Denisa Denny Gokovi from Albania who is also Ambassador of Good Will in her Country, Fantastic Recording Artist Dave Perez, Lovely Talented Recording Artist Roseann Sureda, Songwriter Sammie Lee Hill, Talented Songwriter Zeffereen The Musician from and lives in Dubai, India, Recording Artist John Harvey, D.c. Hathaway of Dc Coast to Coast Livestream, Fausto Ernesto Zanetti-Radiopuntostereo and many others. Attending and from locations WORLDWIDE will be Adam Greenwell from New Zealand, including Germany, Cameroon, Russia, Brazil, Copenhagen, India, London, possibly NY United Nations Secretary General and possibly Julian Lennon , and from USA James Tuthill , Terry Paul Conn, Jay Jadofsky, Ida Mae Bennett, Lovely Rosemarie J. Ferrer and Myself."


       "GOD Bless All Of You .... Peace and Love"       

Pete DeLorenzo  

Goodwill Ambassador Of The World for






Jesus said " Let the little children come unto me and be as these little children, Humble in all that you do, love mercy and do justly unto all that you meet for this is the will of my Heavenly Father and pleasing unto him."

Mr. DeLorenzo's Charity Endeavors

 Aside from Mr. DeLorenzo's National Credits as an entertainer. He is foremost known for his humanitarian work.

 The following are the most recent charities on his agenda today. Which he has extended his time, love and talent to.

 His love for life, children, animals, communities, country, and the world has led him to feel compelled to dedicate his efforts towards these worthy causes. In the early part of 2005 we were successful in opening The Hyperbaric Treatment Center in Hawthorne, NJ and he continues to carry on his work for other patients with Hyperbaric Disease and families like those of Tommy, Dalen and Chris.

 This will enable not only these three families to receive necessary treatments but many others to follow. On behalf of Mr. DeLorenzo, and the entire staff, Cast and Crew of the movie project “The Mentor” and DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions. We ask for your kind and loving support and prayers.

Other Charitable Organizations that Mr. DeLorenzo Supports:

CAPP (Child Abuse Prevention Program)


1 of 52 End Hunger www.1of52.net


Feed The Children

Billy Graham Association

Project HOPE

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation www.wagingpeace.org
Americans for Peace NOW


                                       " Bring Back the Smiles to Haiti "
 In support to the horrifying and devistating tragedy that hit Haiti of which we have all been shocked and saddened by, once again Mr. DeLorenzo has reached out to help and give his love and support by doing a Call-In Celebrity Voice Over Endorsement and Plea for people to give their prayers and kind hearted contributions to the "Bring Back the Smiles to Haiti" Telethon that went out to 30 Million-Plus viewers and listeners and 180 Countries Worldwide on www.rockmetv.com
Mr. DeLorenzo requests that everyone try and give whatever you can to this worthy cause by visiting the website www.rockmetv.com and making your loving contribution and let's all "Bring Back the Smiles to Haiti". Mr. Delorenzo is working on putting together a series of concert performances that he will be doing to support this effort.
Thank You and GOD Bless.
Pete DeLorenzo





 "A good Shepherd cares for the flock and will leave them to save the lost or injured one and bring it back to the fold."


Humanitarian Work that Mr. DeLorenzo does on behalf of the animals of the

North Shore Animals League


He also Supports many other animal activist societies:


Doris Day Animal League

Humane Society  For prevention and cruelty to animals

Funds for Animals Organization

United Animal Nations


Jane Goodall Institute

Nation Fund for the Welfare of Animals

Alley Cat Allies

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Saint Francis of Assisi for Animals

Trinity Retreats, Inc (Volunteer rescuers needed preferably well bodied able men) for more info 973-632-1743 Ask for Mayme or visit http://www.maymepucciorescuer.com/ "Your spare time can save the life of an animal"

DELTA Rescue

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)


NEAVS (New England Anti-Vivisection Society)


National WIldlife Federation

Environmental Defense Fund

Defender for Wildlife
National Humane Education Society


                  Pete DeLorenzo and The Ark Angel, Lynn Scire 


 Did you know that every year, millions of animals, such as bunnies, chinchillas, foxes, and even dogs and cats, are strangled, drowned, or anally or vaginally electrocuted-only to end up in someone's closet?

 Celebrities such as Steve-O, Ami James, and the SuicideGirls have spoken out against fur in "Ink, Not Mink" ads. I have my new ad on peta2.com!
Check it out here


Mr. DeLorenzo was honored with the PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER ACTION AWARD

From the Late, Great and Most Honorable Mr. RONALD REAGAN,


 For his Humanitarian work when Pete served for 2 years

As National Spokesperson for Healing the Children in 1987 and 1988 





Mr.DeLorenzo when he served as National Spokesman 1987-88 for Healing the Children




1988 Operation Baby Lift at Kennedy Airport- Healing the Children

This event made World History enabling us to air lift 101 chidren for medical attention here in the United States via Air Ambulance



    For the past 15 years of Mr. DeLorenzo's career he has worked hand and hand with Mr. Jerry Lewis and the MDA Organization on behalf of "Jerry's Kids" and continues to earnestly do so. Mr. DeLorenzo is honored to have the wonderful and close rapport of one of his real life mentors... and that is Mr. Jerry Lewis.

     Congratulations to you Mr Jerry Lewis for your 2008 Oscar and your 2009 Emmy Award for your Humanitarian work for MDA. If anyone deserves it, you do.

                   Jerry we salute you and thank you for all you do for the kids.



Pete on stage performing for The MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon




1990 Fund Raiser for Burned Victim David Opont -Mr.DeLorenzo was able to raise thousands of dollars on their behalf



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