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"On Being a Mentor" (This is a "MUST READ ARTICLE" that was recently written by Mr. DeLorenzo and we're honored to report that it has now gone into publication in the Napoleon Hill  "Yesterday and Today" Worldwide E Newsletter August 2011 that hits millions of people Worldwide. It was published on the WORLDWIDE Internet in the Weekend Encounter Spiritual Newsletter August 2010. It is presently being considered for many other publications of major magazines and newsletters as well. This article clearly represents what Mr. DeLorenzo stands for in life and what the message is in his upcoming Feature Motion Picture "The Mentor" ......a positive,uplifting,motivational and profound message of love that will touch the hearts and minds and entertain as well as inspire it's viewers to think,feel and self search their soul in order to better their life as well as the lives of others.)

 (See the Article in Full Below)

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John Mirrabella of Mirror Image Productions and Pete DeLorenzo during the Filming of an Interview with Pete at his Office in NJ for a Documentary Movie on Impressionists.




Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today!

On Being a Mentor

By Pete DeLorenzo

Eliezer Alperstein

We all have at some point in our life had at least one Mentor that has touched our lives with such an impact and virtually served as a guide, example, role model and teacher, that prevails through the test of time and has influenced our life in making us the man or woman we are today. Some of us can reflect back in our lives and realize that we may have been blessed with more than one Mentor.

A Mentor is anyone who, even for but a moment, may have said or done something in your life that you will never forget and that has built your character for the better and has served as a motivator to give one the incentive to thereby spread the knowledge and love to others. Then this will enable you to create a positive energy of imparting to others that which you have learned and experienced in life.

A Mentor could have been a teacher or college professor, a friend, a parent, a sibling, a business associate or even a total stranger for that matter. I am one of those to have been blessed in my life to have had more than one Mentor. I would honestly have to say that the key Mentors in my life are GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ, my parents, the Renowned Radio and TV Talk Show Host, Mr. Joe Franklin and the works and writings of Mr. Napoleon Hill, all have greatly influenced my life. In being a Mentor it encompasses an extreme amount of responsibilities. One must look into the mirror of their soul and ask themselves, who am I, where am I going with my life, what do I want out of life, am I getting there and most importantly, ...if I am NOT getting there....WHY? For the most part, one can be their own worst enemy and can self sabotage their own happiness, which prevents them from reaching and achieving their goals in life. "Be True to Thine Own Self" which technically means to look into your own heart, examine yourself , be steadfast in your affirmations and then one can set an example to manifest and emulate goodness to others. Make the most of your life because we all have an expiration date and as Charles Shultz once said "Just be your beautiful self"....because everyone else is taken.

We are living in times that are surrounded by our country at war, the threat of terrorism, starvation, homelessness, crime, global warming, tragedies, abuse to children, the elderly and animals as well as overall worldwide crisis effecting all of us. What a better world it would be if we could only turn back the hands of time and remember... When "Under the Gun" meant you were under pressure instead of a weapon being pointed at your face.... When "Having a Record" meant you had music to listen to pressed on a piece of vinyl rather than a rap sheet with the law enforcement.....When "On the Run" meant you were busy rather than on the lam eluding the authorities....When "a Dude" denoted you worked on a ranch.....When "Dope" was a vicious slang word for someone who was not intelligent rather than a drug....When "To Kill" meant that you had a really good gig or a presentation rather than to take someone's life....When "Being Gay" meant you were happy....When "Having Time" meant you had time to spare rather than a prison sentence.....When "Crack" was a fault or crevice in a sidewalk or building and not a destructive drug....When "Acid" was something that built up in your stomach causing indigestion rather than a hallucinating drug....When "Pot" was something you cooked in... When "Rap" was something you did with a present....When "Coke" was the number one soft drink of America and not a drug that destroys lives...When "Ecstasy" was something you felt when you asked a girl out to go to the Prom with you and she said YES and gave you a good night kiss instead of a deadly high from a lethal drug....When "Abortion" was to put the brakes on a plan or mission that was in motion rather than destroying the life of an unborn child.

The lingo today sends out strong signals and is representative of the thoughts that thereby patterns the lives of our youth today. Let us all concentrate on sending out a positive message to our youth, for they are our future and let us be careful of our choice of words and how we conduct our lives, which will ultimately in the long run mold theirs. Let us put away hatred, prejudice and violence out of our lives and as the lyrics from the song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young so aptly put it "Teach Your Children Well". The Bible states "Nourish them in the way of the Lord and they will not depart from it". I am sure that Mr. Napoleon Hill would place his blessing and validate these principles.

With knowledge get understanding, with understanding get wisdom and go out and mentor someone you love today!! GOD bless you all. Peace and love.

Mr.Pete DeLorenzo is a Nationally Recognized Comedian, Impressionist, Actor, Recording Artist, Screenwriter, Producer, Director and foremost Humanitarian. He has been a Professional Entertainer in Show Business for 39 years, has a Broadcasting and Journalism Degree, a Masters Degree in the Performing Arts and Graphic Arts, as well as a Literary Degree. He was honored by former and late President Ronald Reagan for his Humanitarian work. He also lectures, teaches and conducts seminars Nationwide. He has been in 16 Motion Pictures and has a Hit Single "They All Remind Me of You," which will serve as the Theme Song for his Major Feature Motion Picture "The Mentor" that is now in full-blown Pre-Production. It is a story of love, hope and determination that is loosely based on his life and career. Mr. DeLorenzo has his own Production Company : DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions and resides in New Jersey. For more information on Mr. DeLorenzo and his Motion Picture "The Mentor" please visit his website http://www.petedelorenzo.com/

Published Worldwide Newletter August 5th 2011

Pete's Interview for E Magazine "No Strings Attached"


Pete's Interview for E Magazine "No Strings Attached"

Interview with the One and Only

Professional Entertainer Pete DeLorenzo

In our days it is rare to find a professional entertainer without any allegations or allure in any capacity. But Pete DeLorenzo is one of the old fashion entertainers who still have respect for the business and what comes with the fame and expectations to be a great and respected celebrity.

With years in the business and has worked and met some of the finest in the entertainment industry, I am certain we can call Pete DeLorenzo one timeless performer.

His inspiration to help and make a difference in people’s life has always been on the top of his list.

NSAEN: Looking back at your career, what are some of the precious moments you will never forget and why?

PETE: WOW! Where do I begin? There were so many of them. I guess I would have to start with the opportunity of meeting and being discovered by the Legendary Radio and TV/Variety Talk Show Host and Icon, Mr.. Joe Franklin who virtually launched my career through all the exposure he gave me in the “early years” of my career. I’ll never forget the time that I was helping him with his overcoat in an elevator in NYC and he looked up at me with tears welling in his eyes and asked “DID I DO RIGHT BY YOU KID “? Then he continued with “YOU ARE MY STAR and ALWAYS WILL BE……I BELIEVE IN YOU…..I DID FROM DAY ONE …. YOU ARE BASKING IN THE SHADOW OF MY REFLECTION…..YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY STAR”!

A major focal point of my career was in 1986 when I competed in Showtime’s

search for the “Funniest Person in America ”. I was a finalist and won the State of NJ Title . This achievement led to National TV appearances on the David Letterman Film Festival with Diane Sawyer, the Regis Philbin Show, Comedy Central and HBO.

Another memorable moment was in 1988 when I had the honor of receiving a Humanitarian Award from former/late President Ronald Reagan when I served as spokesperson for “Healing the Children”. Also one of the greatest achievements in my life and career was in 1998 when I wrote, recorded and self-produced my first original Hit Single “They All Remind Me of You”. It received its first Major Market airplay on the radio on CBS 101.1FM thanks to Mr. Don K. Reed. Words could never express what it was like to hear my song on the radio for the very first time. I also received the prestigious Blair Hammond Award for best male vocalist for my song.

NSAEN: You have met over the years some very important and interesting people. Who struck you the most and why?

PETE: Again, there were so many that I met throughout the 38 years of my career so far, however I would have to say that some of the most outstanding personalities were Mr. Jerry Lewis who I admire so much for not only his extreme talent and versatility but also for the huge heart he has towards children, his dedication and Humanitarian efforts with MDA. I recall the first time I met Mr. Jerry Lewis was at The Concord Hotel in upstate NY and Jerry was rehearsing with his orchestra in the Main Room while I was performing in the lounge. After my show I walked over to the theatre and cracked open the door only to see Jerry performing some of his infamous antics in a mock rehearsal. I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next but I went into my “Jerry Mode” and did an impression of him to the top of my lungs and yelled out “HEY LADY”! After which Jerry stopped in his tracks, turned around and called me to the stage. I thought I was about to receive the balling out of my life and thought I’d never work the venue again,

but instead Jerry had extended his hand to me in a handshake and complimented me by telling me that I had just imparted to him the highest form of flattery. Since that day we have maintained a wonderful rapport.

Another one that stands out in my mind is the time I had the honor of meeting and working with the late great Rodney Dangerfield. We met at Dangerfield’s in NYC and he beckoned me to the stage to perform with him….

We did dueling Rodney’s and brought the house down! It was a Kodak Moment!

I could go on and on yet I can never forget the opportunity of meeting one of my favorite actors Mr. Al Pacino who invited me to his home and we spent quality time talking about Show Business. During our time together I did a few impressions of him from some scenes in his films and he kicked back with a big smile on his face and paid me the compliment of a lifetime and said “You should be my voice double”. His hospitality was overwhelming as well as his personality. I have always loved all his work and in my book he is one of the most intense actors of our time.

NSAEN: You are currently producing a movie. Can you tell us a little about it?

PETE: Yes, the film is entitled “The Mentor ” and it is a romantic comedy, love story and drama all in one. It is loosely based upon my life and career, blended with some fiction. It incorporates people, places and events that took place throughout my life and career and it spans 4 time periods, but it is not an auto-biography per say. It is the first screenplay that I have written for the Big Screen. I am planning, GOD willing to begin production on the film and start shooting tentatively this spring/summer. I also am producing, co-directing and starring in it along with the Legendary Joe Franklin as the role of the Mentor and the beautiful and extremely talented Miss Lisa Landino as the Leading Lady. My Hit Single “They All Remind Me of You” will serve as the Theme Song for the film. It has a profound message of inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams, to love what you do and do what you love despite the odds. It conveys a formula or recipe if you will to success and that is in life to follow your goals but to do them with humility and on the up and up, not stepping on anyone’s toes or stabbing anyone in the back along the way. It also incorporates a message of love….that if you love someone or something so much you will not just talk about it, but show it and put it into action in your life. This will be my first Major Feature Motion Picture and its incentive is to enlighten and entertain its audience, motivate them to think and feel as well as allowing the viewer to soul search into their own lives for the purpose of making them better.

NSAEN: What other projects are you currently working on?

PETE: I presently have 7 other original screenplays in the works that I am writing, including the sequel to “The Mentor”. I also have 14 new songs ready to be recorded in the studio for a new album. I am planning to launch a series of Concert Tours including a one man show that I have written and that I am producing entitled “An Evening with George Burns and Friends”. The show will incorporate Impressions, Singing Impressions and a tribute to George Burns, Jerry Lewis, Ray Charles and The Rat Pack.

NSAEN: You are not only a producer, but singer, actor and speaker. Which part of your career is the most satisfying to you?

PETE: That is a very good question and it has often been asked of me. I can only honestly and humbly say that it is hard to favor one above the other. It would be equivalent to as if I had children….I could never favor one child above the other, they are all equal. In retrospect I treat each medium of my craft with the same love and passion. When I am on the set of a film I give my all to researching my character and breathing life into the character. If I am behind the camera producing and directing I strive to make each scene speak out and come alive on the screen. When I am in the recording studio I lose myself in my music and pour myself into each song because music is the universal language that touches people’s hearts and embraces memories in their lives. As a comedian there is no greater gift than to bring the healing agent of laughter to people from all walks of life. When I am on stage and look out at the audience I see the mother who has a sick child, the person that just lost their job or is suffering hardship, those that have lost loved ones from illness of tragedy and those that are going through domestic or family problems. There is nothing more rewarding than to bring a smile to their faces and enable them to forget their problems even if it’s just for a little while. Laughter truly is the best medicine! Last of all when I lecture, conduct seminars or teach one on one, again it is a wonderful feeling to impart knowledge and years of experience to others with the hopes that a little piece of you lives on inside them and will lead them to the road of success.

NSAEN: What can your fans expect from you in the next couple of years?

PETE: GOD willing, I want to do it all! I wish to continue writing and producing more quality films, as well as through my music more memorable songs. A film or a song becomes immortal and it can be compared to a good book that can be taken down from the shelf and read again and again. One can always learn new things each time it is read. The same is with a good film or a good song. I also plan to continue acting in more films, commercials and doing voiceovers as well as live appearances. I also plan to continue all my efforts to help any worthy and charitable causes.

NSAEN: You have accomplished so much in your life. Is there anything you have not achieved yet and would like too?

PETE: I always seek and strive to perfect my craft as any good entertainer should. I maintain originality in all my work and want to expand that facet in the horizons to come. I can recall the words of Mr. Gene Cogan, GOD rest his soul, who served as my publicist and grew up with Mel Brooks and has now passed on. I told him I was no Major Big Name Producer or Director and he looked me in the eye and said “Not Yet”. Therefore I want to be the very best at what I do. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be the recipient of a Grammy or an Oscar!

NSAEN: In your opinion, what makes or better what are the qualifications to be a good entertainer?

PETE: To be a good entertainer one must be true to and believe in themselves, it is only then that others will believe in you. You must be humble and put ego aside, assertive and not abrasive. You need to remain in sharp focus at all times and to concentrate and see yourself where you want to be long range. You must have the stamina that it takes to survive in this industry and be prepared to the closed doors and rejection. Also you must be prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goals. NOTHING HAPPENS OVERNIGHT AND ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN TIME. All the great artists in our business paid their dues and none of us are exempt from doing so. The key factor is to have persistence, a constant passion and drive. Never give up and always embrace persistence and dedication. The most important ingredient of all is to ALWAYS remember and acknowledge GOD in everything you do and that it is HE that gives you the talents to do so. These are the seeds of success!

NSAEN: If you could change one thing about the entertainment industry, what would it be?

PETE: If I could change one thing about the industry I would have to say it would be to dispense of all the animosity, jealousy and politics that surround the business. There is room enough for everyone and enough at the table for all to eat. It is only when greed and power hungry people enter into the picture and try to consume or control others that things can become out of control. I think one of my main pet peeves are the egos that take place on both sides of the desk so to speak and those that need to condescend and be more professional and practice proper business tactics. I find it despicable when people do not have the courtesy or the common decency to be honest and straight forward and also to return phone calls and emails. Practicing good work ethics is a major prerequisite in our industry or any industry for that matter.

NSAEN: How has technology changed the entertainment industry in your opinion?

PETE: Well, it is inevitable that it is a computer world. The technology that we have at our disposal today is incredible. We can with the touch of a finger send emails, text messages, faxes, photos and documents that will hit the desk of those we wish to reach within minutes. I guess the days of using a typewriter are obsolete. Also the technology of television and film has really progressed with the advent of computer graphics and digital high definition which makes production on projects much more simplified, less costly and certainly minimizes post-production in editing.. We also have access to voice streaming and satellite radio and TV via the internet. I believe that all of these factors have been very beneficial to our industry.

NSAEN: What are the three things you can’t live without?

PETE: The first would be my love for GOD, the love HE shows to me and all of us that acknowledge HIM in our lives. The second would be the unconditional love for a soul mate and future wife, and that of our families and pets, and the third would be the passion for my work, and in that order! If there were a fourth I would have to say it would be food.

NSAEN: How did success change you and your personal life?

PETE: Well it certainly has not changed my personality at all. I believe in always remaining humble in everything that I do or accomplish, but it has definitely built my resilience and made me stronger through the years. I have found myself many times confronted with facing challenges and major decisions that I had to make under extreme pressure. If you can survive that without it fracturing you I consider that making you a success..

NSAEN: What are some of your weaknesses and what is your strength?

PETE: One of my main weaknesses is that I am a giver and like to reach out to help others and to trust them. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with this quality however it leaves you open to those who mistake your generosity and kindness for weakness and stupidity. If helping others is a sin then give me my sin again! I believe, so I have been told, that my strengths lie in my creativeness, originality and personality. I would also have to say that one of my main strengths is in communicating with others. I believe the key element of being a pillar of strength or a “Samson” is to draw your strength from your faith in GOD, support of loved ones and of course, needless to say, behind every good man is a good woman. I’ve got the best!

NSAEN: Any advice or support can you give our readers who are considering entering the entertainment industry?

PETE: As I stated earlier they must be prepared to have total commitment and to be able to bear the disappointments that will arise from time to time. As Robert Frost wrote “There is the road well traveled and the road not yet taken”. All too many times in life people are too much in a hurry….pace yourself…. for if you take the easy road you will eventually end up at the hard road, however if you take the hard road you will inevitably end up at the easy road. Whatever you sincerely believe, ardently desire and enthusiastically act upon….in the long run it can and will come to pass.

NSAEN: How can our readers find out more about you and where they can catch you live?

PETE: Well let me say that I would truly like to thank you for the opportunity of doing this interview with you and it has been an honor. Your readers can feel free to visit my website: http://www.petedelorenzo.com/ for all my credentials, resume, bio and information on my upcoming Major Feature Motion Picture “The Mentor”. They can also listen to my Hit Single “They All Remind Me of You” on my soundtrack page. They also can visit my calendar page for past, present and upcoming dates of where I will be appearing and performing “live” as well as Radio, TV and Magazine interviews. Also they can look forward to once again seeing me on the Big Screen in theaters Nationwide. I have a scene in the movie “Tenderness” that stars Russell Crowe, Laura Dern and Sophie Traub. I have a principle role as a “Carny” in a carnival scene with Sophie Traub. It is scheduled to hit the theaters September 20th, 2009.

Once again the world can see my “big nose” on the Big Screen.

Pete DeLorenzo

"The Mentor " Feature Major Motion Picture

"They All Remind Me of You" Hit Single/Title Song


DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions


Hurricane Hopatcong Huge Fundraiser

 HOPATCONG, NJ – Superstorm Sandy left Hopatcong in the dark with trees down on streets and yard and, all too often, houses.

In all, 15 houses in the borough, mostly bungalows, were condemned and had to be demolished, often with their contents.

"Some people couldn’t get out without help,” Robin DeLorenzo said, adding they couldn’t save their possessions, never mind their memories.

After getting her own power back, DeLorenzo drove around the borough, and was horrified at what she saw. She decided she wanted to help, and called Mario Pavinci to see if she could hold a benefit at his restaurant.

"Mario has a heart bigger than this place,” she said, indicating Pavinci’s while standing in the lobby the night of the benefit. “All I had to say was ‘Hopatcong Hurricane” and he set up the benefit for Sunday, Dec. 2.

Meanwhile, DeLorenzo went to the borough building department and found out about the 15 condemned houses.

"All 15 families were hit bad, but I can’t help 15 families,” she said.

She decided to help three. A couple of families turned her down, but three accepted the assistance.

Mike and Christy Nicotras are nine-year residents of the borough. They have two sons, Mikey, 9, and Dominic, 8. Mike is Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 88, and the family belongs to St. Therese Roman Catholic Church in Succasunna.

Mike, Bonnie and Gavin Coover are also active in the community. Bonnie and Gavin were at home when three trees came through their house. They were rescued by the Hopatcong Volunteer Fire Department.

Margaret Smith and her nephew were also rescued from their bungalow when six trees uprooted the foundation and caved in the house.

The multi-faceted benefit started at 3 p.m. with a welcome from Master of Ceremonies Pete DeLorenzo, no relation to Robin, but from the same part of the state.

“She went to school with my nephew,” Pete said.

A comedian, actor, recording artist, screenwriter, producer and director, he is head of DeLorenzo Enterprizes and PKI Productions. Pete said he is casting Robin in his next movie.

Robin is a singer who has been in a number of bands, and is now lead singer with the Manny Charlton band. Charlton is formerly with Nazareth.

A career in event planning helped her put together the benefit in only two and a half weeks.

The Danny Nova Band, Who’s Johnny, and Lost in Place provided entertainment. All are local bands. Three live auctions, a silent auction, and a 50/50 raised funds, as did a kids raffle, and a dessert contest.

Throughout the event, Calvary Chapel Morris Hills of Dover signed up people who need help with storm clean-up, and Lake Hopatcong calendars with photos of the lake by local residents were sold.

Even before the event, the group collected $900 from a little girl in Colorado and more donations from the local community.

She said she started getting calls from people willing to help as soon as she posted the invitation on a Facebook Page.

Before the end of the event, DeLorenzo said about $13,500 had been raised. Her target is $15,000.

She acknowledged there was more devastation down by the shore, but “I wanted to start at home,” DeLorenzo said.


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