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Product Placement for "The Mentor"



 Mr. DeLorenzo is Extremely Proud to announce that TNI has come on board as Product Placement for his Upcoming Feature Major Motion Picture " The Mentor " and will be mentioned and depicted on Screen in a scene in the Movie.
A Special Thanks goes out to Mr.John Bentley of Tahitian Noni for all his assistance and in being very instrumental to leading the Film Project toward the Final Stages of Production.
Also, Mr. DeLorenzo wishes to give a Huge Heartfelt thank you to his Leading Lady Miss Lisa Landino and her Mother Bonnie for all their assistance throughout the Entire Film Project and for the referral to Mr. John Bentley.
For more information on this Remarkable Product please visit:
http://www.tahitiannoni.com/1541856   For more info and to order online

or Call 1(917)362-4333 







Debby Yee


Nerium age-defying products are based on Real Science & Real Results. We offer skin care that reduces the appearance of deep & fine lines and wrinkles. Description Nerium is a skin cream that helps to reduce dark spots and wrinkles. Proven time and time again, this amazing product gives results after two short weeks of use.


Mr. DeLorenzo is very honored to have Debby Yee and her fine line of Nerium products as product placement for his upcoming feature "The Mentor".


Phone: 808-864-8711

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://debbyyee.nerium.com


Pete's Tavern





 Mr. DeLorenzo is proud to announce and welcome "Pete's Tavern " as one of his locations that he will be shooting a scene for his Major Motion Feature Film "The Mentor".

The food is out of this world and special thanks to the owners "Terry And Todd".

" The Mentor ". The Food Is Out Of This World And Special Thanks To The Owners Terry And Todd.

Erik M. Cuevas



 Mr. DeLorenzo is proud to have EMC as his computer techs and web designers. Mr. Erik Cuevas is an outstanding computer tech and wonderful business partner. Mr. DeLorenzo thanks you for all your hard work and all of your time and highly recommends EMC for all your computer/website needs.

EMC Custom Computers, LLC




Glenn A. MacFarlane DMD


Facebook: www.Facebook.com/docsmiletv

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/docsmiletv

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/docsmiletv

LinkedIn: DocSmile TV


Glenn A. MacFarlane DMD: 

252 Broad Street  

Red Bank, NJ 07701



email: [email protected]



Special thanks to Mark of American Limousine for there wonderful service provided and we are proud to have them onboard as another member of our list of people offering product placement for the film.. They have honored us with use of the car throughout the film and promotional shots being done for the film, as well as the service for transporting Mr. DeLorenzo and the Cast and Crew.



                             Special Thanks to Mike and Eddie

The Famous "The Hot Grill"



      669 Lexington Ave.

       Clifton, NJ  07011


Mr. DeLorenzo is proud to announce and promote "THE ALL FAMOUS" The Hot Grill that has been in business for 44 years and known best for their chili sauce and the best hot dogs around!  The Hot Grill joins the spectrum of many other fine businesses and services as product placement for Mr. DeLorenzo's upcoming Major Motion Picture, "The Mentor".  The Hot Grill will also serve as a location site for the film depicting a scene with Mr. DeLorenzo and his Leading Lady, Miss Kristine Kelly driving into the Hot Grill as Pete proclaims "Come On I'm Gonna Take You For One Of The Best Hot Dogs In The World"!  As he enters the Hot Grill, Teddy and all the guys greet Pete and his Leading Lady with the usual fashionable greeting that they always do even in real life when Pete shows up at The Hot Grill, "Hey, Mr. Movie Star how ya doin, what can I get ya"?!  There are many heartfelt memories every time Pete patronizes The Hot Grill because Pete grew up in the neighborhood and it served as his home turf and stomping ground ever since he was a young boy, who even played daily in Nash Park right directly across the street from The Hot Grill. 

 Thank You Teddy and the Crew for many wonderful, fond memories through the years and no doubt many more to come in the near future and I am proud to have the honor of having all of you, at the highlight of my career to be part of my life and to be depicted in my movie, "The Mentor"!  Congratulations, keep up the good work, many more years of success and God Bless All Of You!!!

Philly Native Clothing Company





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