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                        September 11, 2001


                                Never Forget!

 Mr.DeLorenzo of  DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions and the cast and crew of the Motion Picture "The Mentor" Would Like to Give Their Deepest Sympathies to the Families, Firemen, Police Officers and Postal Workers lost in the Tragedy. This page is in Memory of Them and what Pete DeLorenzo has done to help and will continue to do in the future. 


There are no words but I Struggle still
To express my grief and view,
The horror that I feel within
Leaves me desperate and confused,

The destruction of the very Gateway,
That welcomes all the Globe,
To Peace and Freedom energy,
Protection from the cold,

Wounded and astonished there,
How could this atrocity be told?

The day began with utter shock and moved to horror more,
The pain and destruction evident, inflicted along HER shore,
The very place where Welcome stands and begs an Open Torch,
To seek her Peace and Prosperity or to swing upon Her porch,

To those who seek a better Life, Her arms are open Wide,
Gravitate from around the Globe, to life's promise on this side,
From conflict, famine, oppression there, from homelands turned to Hell,
Like the comfort of a Mother here, Her warming heartbeat felt,

Her mountains and her Majesty, Her Nature and Her Shores,
It matters not from whence you came, you're Free here to explore,
Those who Love our Freedoms feel Violated today,
A morning none could have imagined, will never go away,

Like the twisted wreckage, my emotions crashed with pain,
The Fabric of Her Freedom ripped completely from the Sky,

As I watched in utter helplessness, I could only Cry,

The crashing down of Freedom came in clips and disparate views,
Through SHOCK! Despair! Disbelief!
We struggled with the news!

How dare you violate my Friend!
Her Family and her Truths!
Her unselfish weakness I can see, was to even Welcome you!
And you betrayed Her, broke her Heart, but one thing you will never do,
Is crush America's spirit, this I know is true,

Stand Proud your Flag America!
Your Red, your White your Blue!
And join my Chorus throughout the World!
"Tell America, I love you!"

© Michael P. Hallé
September 11th, 2001
At Niagara Falls Canada






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